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Relocate with 
Hakim Group

  • Full relocation support

From finding the right role, supporting you financially and locating accommodation, we're here to make your relocation journey as seamless as possible.

  • genuine work/life balance

Forget working late nights and regular weekends, our relocation opportunities will give you a chance to do more of the things you love

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Adam Matthews, Optometrist Partner - Bennett & Rogers Opticians

Why Relocate?

"I think a lot of the reasons why people don’t move is that they think ‘this is the only way it is', and if they move somewhere else it’s just going to be the same, just somewhere else.


But every practice is different, and sometimes you might need to work in a different team, in a different structure or in a different role completely to realise your potential.

There’s no point sitting in something that you’re not enjoying, when you could step out of your comfort zone and try something completely new.

I think my situation was just about taking a leap of faith, so if that means relocating for someone then I would definitely recommend that."

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